hangzhou is most beautiful city and l a


用英文写作 hangzhou is a beautiful city

cosmetics oem factories in china which established in located in the beautiful city hangzhou.we have a team of professional technicians and designers .we own r&d laboratory for lipstick、lip gloss、lip care series and powder,test laboratory for microorganism and heavy metal and also we have high class air purge workshop too.especially test laboratory for heavy metal,it is in top in cosmetics field,we have strong competence in testing same products with different quality requirements from different countries to up to customers’ requirements better.we are in accordance with the european cosmetics regulations and the number 76/768 in cosmetics parliament of european union ;american cosmetics regulations,food and pharmaceutical regulation;the pharmaceutical law and cosmetics regulation in japan.our products have passed the tests by its and sgs, according to the requirements of fda and eu standard.our production process is always strictly according to environmental request.most of our material is imported from world famous suppliers like merch,kahl in germany; sun chemical,strahl & pitsch, engelhard in usa, kingfisher, croda in uk etc. we inspect all incoming materials as well as production process to ensure the quality of semi-finished products and finished products .we’re always engaged in manufacturing and exporting perfume , deodorant,nail polish ,lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, lip balm, compact powder, foundation, mascara, eye liner and so on.we’re always committed to offering competitive price ,good quality and prompt delivery to satisfy our clients and strive for meeting all the requirements from our customers

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